Design Partnership

Scott Jones and Paul Katami have been friends for a long time and on many occasions, spoke of of creating various projects to work together on. Out of this creative coalition, JONESKATAMI was born.

Paul is a nationally known figure in the health and fitness industry and has a long history of producing programs for health clubs as well as hosting extremely popular fitness DVDs. He is a well respected and beloved figure in the world of fitness.
On top of his many fitness enterprises and work with the Equinox Health Clubs, Paul is also a prominent voice for the marriage equality movement and works tirelessly against Prop 8 in California.

Scott has been in the television industry for many years.
As a veteran television producer for the TV show, “Extra”, Scott has seen every trend in fashion, style and pop culture come and go. Scott has a passion for design -- whether it is interior design, art,landscape design -- he just can’t get enough. JONESKATAMI came about as a creative outlet for both Scott and Paul and their love of pop culture, talent for good design and appreciation for quality products.

Previously available only to an exclusive group of Hollywood insiders, JONESKATAMI is now avaialbleto you on a limited basis. Every piece is handmade of natural stone beads and adorned with vintage found objects. No two pieces are alike. Each piece is as unique as you are.